On September 1, 2016 American ATOM Nanoelectronics, chief scientist Dr Hua-ping li academic report

Revolutionizing Technologies for Emerging Displays

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Revolutionizing Technologies for Emerging Displays
a big hall A402
Dr. Huaping Li (hua-ping Li Dr)
professor hai-yang gao

Topic: Revolutionizing Technologies for Emerging Displays

Speaker: Dr. Huaping Li (hua-ping Li Dr) devoted to Scientist, ATOM Nanoelectronics, CA, USA

Host: professor hai-yang gao

Time: on September 1, 2016 (Thursday) at 10:00 in the morning

Location: a big hall A402

Welcome the masses of teachers and students to attend!

Report summary:

The major technology challenge in the OLED industry is the TFT backplanes. We are the first company to fabricate CNT TFTs with performances similar to the current TFTs (amorphous silicon, low temperature polycrystalline silicon, and metal oxide) for backplanes. Our CNT TFT fabrication processes follow the current industry standards, with low-temperature solution process to coat CNT thin films. We believe this achievement are ascribed to (1) our proprietary electronically pure semiconducting carbon nanotube showing non-linear responses in metal|carbon nanotube|metal Schottky diodes, and (2) the effect of interface states between carbon nanotube and dielectrics like these in amorphous silicon and metal oxides. In TFT backplanes, the technical requests in driving transistors are high mobilities and stable threshold voltages. We develop electron injection based vertical organic light emitting transistors to modulate the light emission through gate potential in which the electron injection is controlled by altering the work function of cathode. In this simple device with multiple functionalities, we successfully save the driving transistor and avoid the technical issues caused by driving transistors in OLED displays. These revolutionizing technologies, as well as novel electronically pure carbon nanotube materials that we believe will facilitate the adoption of our various technologies by product manufacturers.

Chen's brief introduction:

Dr. Huaping Li is currently a Chief Scientist at ATOM Nanoelectronics in charge of company operation, hiring and management, and technique challenges. Dr. Li is a professional scientist, raised and managed over $1M government funded projects through DoD and NSF. He has extensive experience managing and leading technical teams through SBIR/STTR projects. Dr. Li serves as principal investigator for printed electronics in Aneeve Nanotechnology from 2011 to 2012. Dr. Li invented an effective way to print and clean single-walled carbon nanotubes thin-films, innovated aerosol jet and inkjet printing ionic gels, conjugated polymers, and achieved printing complimentary-like inverters, and ring oscillators. Dr. Li received his Ph.D. from Clemson in 2006 and were trained as postdoctoral researcher in University of California Santa Barbara until 2011. Dr. Li has researched on exploration of advanced materials for improving the efficiency of polymer light emitting, solar cell devices, transistors, displays and lithium-ion batteries, as well as exploitation of conjugated oligo-/poly-electrolytes for DNA and protein assays. Dr. Huaping Li has over twenty years’ research experience, accumulating a broad range of knowledge covering synthetic chemistry and chemical biology, physical chemistry and solid physics, molecular spectroscopy and molecular recognition, nanoscience and nanotechnology, and device fabrications. Dr. Huaping Li is the primary inventor of eighteen US or PCT patents. He also authored and co-authored over 40 articles, 1 book chapter and 11 conference papers. His articles are well cited.